Classes & Swaps

Alchemy Swaps – Maria Anzbach:

Next Alchemy Swap:
January 21st at 17:00
Registration via Renate Zach (Links unterhalb/below)

Zoom Sessions

This is the direct result of two live stream classes we held in Austria. Where we had people on line and as part of the class we had planned to include a body process. As a Gift to the participants on line it was suggested I work on them as they sat and listened to clearings spoken by Gabi. The results on both occasions were amazing and the participants were joyful and I guess a little surprised at how much they felt and I would like to thank them for showing more of what I know and can Be….

Sign up Steps

A.  Register for the Class Below
To register for a class, click on the desired one below, which will take you to the page of that class.

B.  Register for a Zoom session
To register for a Zoom session, message me via the WordPress Contact page, by clicking on the email button directly below, or message me on Facebook.

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