A letter from a class participant in St. P..

Hi all!I want to tell you about my important changes after Alchemy. I associate them with this course, because the process started during the training.For many years I had big aesthetic problems with the skin on my chest and back, after a course of chemotherapy they intensified many times over. That’s why I didn’t wearContinue reading “A letter from a class participant in St. P..”

August 28th, 2022

St. Petersburg classes… Thank you to The Team. This set of classes was extra-ordinary in the sense that there was such an awesome flow on effect for the participants….and for my self.  People all arrived as strangers and left as good friends.  Young people realised they could actually enjoy the company of “Old” people. and everyoneContinue reading “August 28th, 2022”

Now printed in 5 languages

Well it’s done. The Russian translation is not just e-book now. Thanks to Csilla and her pushing to get the Hungarian translation published, she found a printer who was willing to publish/print the Russian version as well… This means it is printed in 5 languages now… Wahoo… I am very grateful to everyone who hasContinue reading “Now printed in 5 languages”

Claudia and Melanie have an invitation for you …

English version belowGreg Bryers, in seiner ursprünglichen Heimat Neuseeland als Heiler bezeichnet, gibt seit einigen Jahren energetische Kurse in Europa. Durch seine Nahtoderfahrungen in den 90er Jahren, hat er nicht nur eine andere Sichtweise auf das Leben erhalten, sondern er bringt dadurch eine Energie – einen Raum – mit….den Raum von absoluter Dankbarkeit, in demContinue reading “Claudia and Melanie have an invitation for you …”

Sophie has created this …

On September 1, 2017, the first Alchemy class of the Body was given in France.3 years already… 3 years old and 14 weekends of classes…So many gifts!!!Here are some pictures of these classes… Couldn’t put everyone and all the pictures… 50 max… Sorry…I have created that for you Greg… thank you so much for allContinue reading “Sophie has created this …”

Carolin tells a little of her story with Alchemy …

Carolin (aus Deutschland) über ihre Erfahrungen mit Alchemy KursenDer Raum der Alchemy ist für mich eines der größten Geschenke, die ich erfahren durfte und darf.  Im Raum der Alchemy ist einfach alles ok. Es gibt kein richtig oder falsch. Man ist willkommen und vollkommen angenommen, wie man ist.Dieser Raum voller Erlaubnis und Dankbarkeit lässt unsContinue reading “Carolin tells a little of her story with Alchemy …”