A letter from a class participant in St. P..

Hi all!
I want to tell you about my important changes after Alchemy. I associate them with this course, because the process started during the training.
For many years I had big aesthetic problems with the skin on my chest and back, after a course of chemotherapy they intensified many times over. That’s why I didn’t wear revealing clothes in the summer. One morning during training, I woke up and accidentally ran my hand across my chest, I realized that something was wrong! I did not believe my feelings and looking in the mirror, I saw that the skin was almost even and very pleasant to the touch. And a couple of days ago, I suddenly overtook the understanding that the healing process has now spread to the back. Yes, there are still some manifestations, but I know how it was. Now a miracle has happened to me! I am delighted with this result and with my body, that it lets changes in so much! I was already desperate about the situation with the skin, I went from time to time to beauticians, but they could not do anything at all! I didn’t sweat it, but in my heart I hoped for a miracle! And it happened! I go and lovingly stroke myself endlessly!!!

The impossible is possible! Miracles happen! The Space of Alchemy exists! Greg is a magician! Anastasia is an unmatched contributor and change maker for so many people! Anya and Dasha are beautiful fairies and quivering hearts, beautiful souls!

P.S. Forgive me for so many words, but I live a miracle!!!
Before the course, I had one question for Anastasia – what is the difference between Facelift and Alchemy! Because I thought it was very similar. The answer was this – Alchemy is space!
And so it is! This is still manifesting itself, because we let this space in.

Everyone! Everyone! Everyone! To all the girls, as well as the boys who were present nearby, a huge and loud thank you and thank you all for that atmosphere!

August 28th, 2022

St. Petersburg classes… Thank you to The Team. 
This set of classes was extra-ordinary in the sense that there was such an awesome flow on effect for the participants….and for my self.  People all arrived as strangers and left as good friends.  Young people realised they could actually enjoy the company of “Old” people. and everyone saw that they all have a voice in their heads that promotes a negative point of view…but its also a voice they can choose to ignore…and they did…

Thank you Anastasiia, Daria and Anna and all those who helped silently behind the scenes to make these classes such a resounding success…. We will see you all again soon…

A post from Julia

Often we don’t even know what contribution we are in someone’s life. A contribution that opens a whole different world, a new life for the other human being. We are often unaware of this, either because we are so concerned with ourselves or because we are simply ourselves and do nothing special. In our society we are shown and taught so often that only when we do or create something, we are special, but for our being we are often not seen – for what is often a matter of course for ourselves.
Yet, our being and what is self-evident for us, what we bring into this world is our contribution.
How can we discover ourselves? Know what we are ourselves? Do I actually allow myself to be myself? When am I, and when am I what I have learned to be or what others want me to be?
And yet, I’m not alone on this planet. How can I be myself in fellowship with others? Is that even possible?

I met more than a year ago now, and he changed my life. He changed my life so much in a wonderful way, and I am so endlessly grateful to Greg. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.
This one year I took part in several Alchemy classes of him and a new world opened up for me in every course and session with Greg. A new world of freedom and being myself, as I was able to let go of so many things that had held me back before. So many things I didn’t even realize, for which I have no words, and I don’t have to have words.
This space Greg creates in the classes with us is so magical and still hard to describe for me. Because somehow every word would limit this magic. The words that maybe remotely can describe this space are GRATEFUL, JOY, MAGIC, PEACE

Now printed in 5 languages

Well it’s done. The Russian translation is not just e-book now. Thanks to Csilla and her pushing to get the Hungarian translation published, she found a printer who was willing to publish/print the Russian version as well… This means it is printed in 5 languages now… Wahoo… I am very grateful to everyone who has contributed to this creation… Translations… Proofreading… Correcting… Editing… Pushing me to show it to the world…

Claudia and Melanie have an invitation for you …

English version below
Greg Bryers, in seiner ursprünglichen Heimat Neuseeland als Heiler bezeichnet, gibt seit einigen Jahren energetische Kurse in Europa. Durch seine Nahtoderfahrungen in den 90er Jahren, hat er nicht nur eine andere Sichtweise auf das Leben erhalten, sondern er bringt dadurch eine Energie – einen Raum – mit….den Raum von absoluter Dankbarkeit, in dem nichts bewertet wird. In diesem Raum ohne jegliche Bewertung ist es möglich, dass unser Körper und unser Verstand Traumata und Blockaden loslassen können, die unser Leben bisher eingeschränkt haben. Durch Teilnahme an Greg’s Kursen oder einer Einzelsitzung mit ihm konnten bereits sehr viele Menschen ihr Leben auf erstaunliche Weise verändern, mehr für sich selbst und für ihre Familie und Freunde kreieren, hin zu einem glücklichen und friedvollen Leben voller Freude.
In den kommenden Monaten sind in Deutschland und Österreich einige Kurse geplant, die in die deutsche Sprache übersetzt werden und unter Einhaltung der jeweils gültigen Regeln stattfinden werden.
Greg Bryers und sein Team im deutschsprachigen Raum freuen sich schon auf die Kurskreationen und auf alle Teilnehmer, die bereit sind neue Wahlen für ihr Leben zu treffen.
Im Bild findet ihr alle Kurse im Überblick. Details zu den einzelnen Kursen findet ihr unter www.alchemyofthebody.eu und/oder ihr schaut regelmäßig auf Greg Bryers Facebook Seite vorbei, da werden laufend auch die einzelnen Kurse gepostet.
Für weitere Fragen seit ihr eingeladen euch direkt bei Greg, noch besser bei den im Post markierten Personen zu melden.

Greg Bryers, known as a healer in his former home, New Zealand, has been giving energetic classes in Europe for several years now. Through his near-death experiences in the 90s, he not only got a different view of life, but he also brings an energy – a space – with him … the space of absolute gratitude in which nothing is judged. In this space, without any judgement, it is possible that our body and mind let go of trauma and blockages that have restricted our lives so far. By attending Greg’s classes or a one-on-one session with him, many people have been able to change their lives in amazing ways, create more for themselves and for their families and friends. Towards a happy and peaceful life full of joy. In the upcoming months, some classes are planned in Germany and Austria that will be translated into German and will take place in compliance with the applicable rules. Greg Bryers and his team in the german-speaking countries are looking forward to the class creations and to all participants who are ready to make new choices for their lives. In the picture, you can find an overview of all mentioned classes. You can find details about the individual classes at www.alchemyofthebody.eu and / or check out Greg Bryers Facebook page regularly, where the individual classes will be also posted on an ongoing basis.

Do changes happen …?

Mélanie got a private session with me and Sophie as translator. Here’s a message she sent us.
Imagine what this Alchemy space can create in 2 days…

′′ My back hurts, and the morale goes with it very much. I didn’t know what Body Alchemy was. And I went there knowing nothing about what was waiting for me.
And as I walked into this room, I met two extraordinary people, two wonderful aliens. They just wrapped me up with no point of view, no judgements. I laughed, cried, I felt good. They gave me this space, I found myself again. It was magical!
And today my back pain went away, and I really don’t have any words that can describe how I feel.
Apart from wow! This is crazy! I’d like to take some more..
So, a big thank you for this great gift! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Love you Happy Sophie & Greg Bryers
How can it be more better than that ?”

Sophie has created this …

On September 1, 2017, the first Alchemy class of the Body was given in France.
3 years already… 3 years old and 14 weekends of classes…
So many gifts!!!
Here are some pictures of these classes… Couldn’t put everyone and all the pictures… 50 max… Sorry…
I have created that for you Greg… thank you so much for all of these gifts, thank you for the beautiful Being and man you are in this world, thank you for being this amazing and wonderful invitation… Thank you for your trust, and thank you for your precious friendship.

Carolin tells a little of her story with Alchemy …

(English version below)

Carolin (aus Deutschland) über ihre Erfahrungen mit Alchemy Kursen
Der Raum der Alchemy ist für mich eines der größten Geschenke, die ich erfahren durfte und darf.  Im Raum der Alchemy ist einfach alles ok. Es gibt kein richtig oder falsch. Man ist willkommen und vollkommen angenommen, wie man ist.
Dieser Raum voller Erlaubnis und Dankbarkeit lässt uns loslassen, was wir bereit sind loszulassen, wie z.B. körperliche Schmerzen, Traumata, Erinnerungen, Überzeugungen, Annahmen, alles was wir abgespeichert haben.
So entsteht Raum für Neues. Mehr körperliches Wohlfühlen, mehr Freude, mehr Leichtigkeit, mehr Liebe und Erlaubnis für sich selbst. Ein Raum wundervoller Möglichkeiten, das Leben zu lieben und aufzublühen.

Ich bin unendlich dankbar für Greg, der mir diesen Raum gezeigt und eröffnet hat.  Für mich persönlich hat sich folgendes verändert:
Ich hab seit meiner Geburt spastische Diplegie in beiden Beinen (eine besondere Form von starker Bewegungseinschränkung).
Bei einer Session mit Greg in einem seiner Alchemy Kurse, konnte ich  Erinnerungen an Schmerzen, Schienen, OPs, Traumata, Missbrauch, Geburtstrauma und nicht wirklich leben wollen und keine Freude am Leben haben loslassen.
Meine Schuppenflechte ist nach 28 Jahren weg, dadurch, dass ich alle Tode, die ich sterben wollte, wegen Trauer und Schmerzen,  loslassen konnte und wollte.
Ich bin jetzt dankbar und voller Freude für mein Leben. Ich versuche jetzt auch durch meine Erfahrungen anderen Menschen, die Freude am Leben zu vermitteln.
Ich bin viel, viel dankbarer für meinen Körper und mein wunderbares Wesen. Ich frage jeden Tag nach Freude und Liebe in meinem Leben, und es wird jeden Tag mehr.
Ich habe mein bestes versucht, meine unendliche Dankbarkeit in Worte zu fassen.

Carolin (from Germany) about her experiences with Alchemy classes
The space of the Alchemy is one of the greatest gifts that I have been allowed to experience. In the space of the Alchemy everything is just ok. There is no right or wrong.
You are welcome and fully accepted as you are. This space full of permission and gratitude lets us let go of what we are ready to release, such as physical pain, trauma, memories, beliefs, assumptions, everything we have stored. This creates space for something new…. more physical well-being, more joy, more ease, more love and permission for yourself.
A space of wonderful opportunities to love life and flourish.

I am infinitely grateful for Greg for showing me this space and opening it. The following has changed for me personally: I am having spastic diplegia in both legs since I was born (a special form of severe movement restriction).
During a session with Greg in one of his Alchemy classes, I was able to let go of memories of pain, splints, surgeries, traumas, abuse, birth trauma and not really wanting to live and not enjoying life. My psoriasis is gone after 28 years because I could and wanted to let go of all the deaths that I wanted to die because of grief and pain. I am now grateful and full of joy for my life.
Through my experiences, I am now trying to convey the joy of life to other people. I am much, much more grateful for my body and my wonderful being. I ask for joy and love in my life every day and it gets more every day.

I was trying my best to express my infinite gratitude.