A letter from a class participant in St. P..

Hi all!
I want to tell you about my important changes after Alchemy. I associate them with this course, because the process started during the training.
For many years I had big aesthetic problems with the skin on my chest and back, after a course of chemotherapy they intensified many times over. That’s why I didn’t wear revealing clothes in the summer. One morning during training, I woke up and accidentally ran my hand across my chest, I realized that something was wrong! I did not believe my feelings and looking in the mirror, I saw that the skin was almost even and very pleasant to the touch. And a couple of days ago, I suddenly overtook the understanding that the healing process has now spread to the back. Yes, there are still some manifestations, but I know how it was. Now a miracle has happened to me! I am delighted with this result and with my body, that it lets changes in so much! I was already desperate about the situation with the skin, I went from time to time to beauticians, but they could not do anything at all! I didn’t sweat it, but in my heart I hoped for a miracle! And it happened! I go and lovingly stroke myself endlessly!!!

The impossible is possible! Miracles happen! The Space of Alchemy exists! Greg is a magician! Anastasia is an unmatched contributor and change maker for so many people! Anya and Dasha are beautiful fairies and quivering hearts, beautiful souls!

P.S. Forgive me for so many words, but I live a miracle!!!
Before the course, I had one question for Anastasia – what is the difference between Facelift and Alchemy! Because I thought it was very similar. The answer was this – Alchemy is space!
And so it is! This is still manifesting itself, because we let this space in.

Everyone! Everyone! Everyone! To all the girls, as well as the boys who were present nearby, a huge and loud thank you and thank you all for that atmosphere!

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