Do changes happen …?

Mélanie got a private session with me and Sophie as translator. Here’s a message she sent us.
Imagine what this Alchemy space can create in 2 days…

′′ My back hurts, and the morale goes with it very much. I didn’t know what Body Alchemy was. And I went there knowing nothing about what was waiting for me.
And as I walked into this room, I met two extraordinary people, two wonderful aliens. They just wrapped me up with no point of view, no judgements. I laughed, cried, I felt good. They gave me this space, I found myself again. It was magical!
And today my back pain went away, and I really don’t have any words that can describe how I feel.
Apart from wow! This is crazy! I’d like to take some more..
So, a big thank you for this great gift! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Love you Happy Sophie & Greg Bryers
How can it be more better than that ?”

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