What is … Alchemy of the body?

Alchemy is something you are ... not what you do!
It is a way of Being ... where you choose to live and thrive ... rather than prepare to die.

Alchemy is something you are… not what you do!

It is a way of Being… where you choose to live and thrive… rather than prepare to die.

Alchemy of the body and related classes are about a space you create for you and those around you. It is about an invitation to something more, something different when we are all searching for the change we know is possible but never find.  For me, it is something internal…not external…that we need to find.  These classes are only a possible starting point on a journey we all either choose to travel, or not.

What others are saying…

Greg, I met you during an Access Consciousness ® class, at the end of April of this year, and invited you to give this class in Paris.
I didn’t know really what will going on, just that it was super joyful to do.
We finally met at the beginning of September for a weekend Alchemy of the Body.
This class was a revolution, a tsunami for me. I reached spaces with the others, with the body of others, with me and with my body which were just incredible, especially with you. I did not believe that was possible, in any case not in this life. And changes are still going on to more and more and more…
This space of gratitude, kindness, benevolence, not judgement, allowance, contribution that you are, is such a gift. You invited me, pushed me a little bit also, with a huge kindness and sometimes an intense sweetness to go out of my hiding places. And you succeeded. You allowed me to begin to see myself, to receive and recognize who I am and what I am really, my capacities and the gift I can be for this world. 
I received for the first time a real kindly touch, without any expectations or projections, without judgements. And for the first time I’ve been able to receive too.
Since the class, it is funny how my skin perceives the touch, and even mine, totally differently.
Living on this planet was itself for me an abuse. For the first time, I want to stay and live on this planet. And not only be on this Earth. But choose to live really, to honor me, and to honor others, be all I can be for me, for people who want to receive it and for this beautiful planet. I don’t have to fight anymore.
I know that this class and especially this meeting with you is a turning point in my life. I know that nothing will be as before. And every time doubts go back, I see these moments when you held my hands, your eyes so intense in mine, and words which you pronounced. I will never forget them.
Greg, I have so so much gratitude for you, for all these presents which can not be described with words … Thank you for having received me totally. Thank you for having chosen to live and to invite us in these spaces. Thank you for having allowed me to know that I was all that too.
Greg, I did not simply think that a being as you could exist on this planet.
Love U!  (Sophie, Paris, 2017)

The space of the Alchemy is one of the greatest gifts that I have been allowed to experience. In the space of the Alchemy, everything is just ok. There is no right or wrong.
You are welcome and fully accepted as you are. This space full of permission and gratitude lets us let go of what we are ready to release, such as physical pain, trauma, memories, beliefs, assumptions, everything we have stored. This creates space for something new…. more physical well-being, more joy, more ease, more love and permission for yourself.
A space of wonderful opportunities to love life and flourish.

I am infinitely grateful for Greg for showing me this space and opening it. The following has changed for me personally: I am having spastic diplegia in both legs since I was born (a special form of severe movement restriction).
During a session with Greg in one of his Alchemy classes, I was able to let go of memories of pain, splints, surgeries, traumas, abuse, birth trauma and not really wanting to live and not enjoying life. My psoriasis is gone after 28 years because I could and wanted to let go of all the deaths that I wanted to die because of grief and pain. I am now grateful and full of joy for my life.
Through my experiences, I am now trying to convey the joy of life to other people. I am much, much more grateful for my body and my wonderful being. I ask for joy and love in my life every day and it gets more every day.

I was trying my best to express my infinite gratitude. (Carolin, Germany, 2020)

I actually needed the first course. I needed him to let go of my old traumas and to remember we are all connected. I needed him to reconnect with myself and my body. And when I realized that connection again and felt how wonderful and magical it is, I wanted more. I wanted to dig deeper, feel even more, perceive even more and even more of that magical feeling I felt there. This attachment, this unity, this absolute devotion and this assumption, with everything you are and feel.
I wanted more and this is why I take more classes us swaps because I just want more. I don’t need the classes, but they are so incredibly good for me. Every single time I learn new things from myself, go deeper, meet wonderful people and experience wonderful and precious moments.

I can’t describe what’s really happening in these classes, all I can say is that it’s magical and that I’m always amazed at what our wonderful bodies are capable of if we just let them be. Every single time I heal myself and my body a little more and I love it… (Michi, Austria, 2020)

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